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STPR MINING COMPONENTS & SERVICES is a Southern African MINING COMPONENTS, PARTS and SERVICES Provider in MEADOWDALE, JOHANNESBURG. STPR is built on a foundation of supplying high quality Earthmoving Components, Parts & Services in MINING, CONSTRUCTION and other related industries, any product and service that goes through our floors undergoes a thorough inspection, testing, QC, standard packaging etc.

The company operates through Six segments, Component Remanufacture & Sales, Earthmoving Machine Rebuilds & Sales, Parts Sales & Services. Machine sales sources & tests machines for the correct applications. Component rebuilds remanufactures, sells, and installs machine components, Machine rebuilds involves machine pre rebuild inspection, Dissassembly, Power train remanufacture. Assembly, Performance analysis and testing, Earthmoving Component sales involves supplying the market with New and low hour Engine & other components. Ninety per cent of STPR’s annual revenues are derived from international activities and exports to mining companies.

Most of our consignments are headed for remote destinations where roads and transport are far from Western standards. That’s why we take pride in packaging shipments carefully to minimize damage, delays and loss during transit. We pack according to the goods being delivered, mode of transport, security requirements and final destination. We have experience shipping large earthmoving equipment, components, precious parts and tools – anything you need anywhere. We use only the best packaging materials and our crates, component stands are constructed with durability in mind.


Is to be the partner of choice for CUSTOMERS operating in complex, mission Critical environments by providing the most reliable EARTHMOVING COMPONENTS, PARTS & SERVICES. Enhancing SAFETY, improve EFFICIENCY, help solve challenging problems, reduce operating COSTS and WARRANTIES.

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